The A2SM and A3SM club is an military realism unit organized as a military-structured clan with ranks and represents the virtual Army of Serbia in ArmA2 and ArmA3 game. Our clan utilizes teamwork, communication, and tactics to complete objectives in ArmA2 and ArmA3 game. Just to mention that we are in no way affiliated with the military in any way shape or form, we just play ArmA2 and ArmA3 as a virtual combat simulator all on levels. Our goal is to provide a headquarters for like-minded gamers from Serbia and all former Yugoslavia countries that share the same interest in ingame realism and being apart of an organized group that works together, communicates with each other and creates or implements various combat tactics for different ArmA2 and ArmA3 war situations on ground or in air.


This ArmA2 documentary video was made by ArmA2 Sebian MP Club member JankoSRB and it’s about war fought for Southern Serbian province of Kosovo 1998./1999. between Army of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Albania terorists known also as KLA (they called themselves ’’KLA - Kosovo Liberation Army“). Once formed in 1945, great Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, was destroyed in civil war during the 1990-1999. Albanian terrorists on Kosovo wanted to capture Kosovo & Metohija (full name of the southern Serbian province) as their own country. This was in year 1999. when Federal Republic of Yugoslavia had to face multiple enemies... Firstly KLA which was mostly formed by Albanian terrorists and narco-mafia, and latter NATO pact aliance, which accepted to help with money and air strikes (NATO) the predominantly muslim KLA against orthodox Serbs.

There are many ways of seeing the reason why NATO joined KLA in a try to overtake souther Serbian province of Kosovo: 1) Yugoslavia was a country with one of best socialist economies in south and east Europe in 20th century; 2) Yugoslavia had one of the strongest armies in Europe (position 7. in the world) formed with an Eastern type (Russian) of army with almoust one milion soldiers mostly made of one year consripts of all nationalities (Serbs, Croats, muslims, Slovenians and other ethnic manorities: Romanians, Hungarians, Albanians, Slovac and Chezh – which they all was equal in their rights). First Slovenia and Macedonia steped out from the SFRY union and then in bloody civil war with many casulties: Croatia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, when neighbours fight each other because of a different ethnic nationality.

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